Lola - With a little help from my friends

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Nasreddin · 1

Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends Mm, I get high with a little help from my friends Mm, gonna try with a little help from my friends

Based off of Motux's excellent Lola deck that really gets to the heart of what Lola play style can be, here's my version of a flexible, fun Lola deck, to be played in a multiplayer game.

This Lola is built with an aim for flexibility, with an edge to fighting. With Dark Horse, she should be able to get a static 4 to her skill line. No Stone Unturned and Prepared for the Worst allow her to go and grab her weapons (or Dark Horse if you haven't mulliganed into it.

The fun times really start with her allies. While most decks use allies with Lola only as meatshields, were treating them better here. Having three allies and switching between them with Calling in Favors while not needing to pay the costs keeps Lola relatively cheap. Cycling through Art Student for high shroud investigations and Beat Cop for the beat cop goodness makes perfect sense. Dr. Milan Christopher is a perfectly acceptable replacement for Art Student, perhaps even a better choice but it does make the deck more expensive.

Sadly, Joey "The Rat" Vigil will mostly be a meatshield and should be upgraded out of relatively quickly, but in the meantime we can use his ability to save an action and potentially play our Machete out of class, preparing a next turn.

1 x Emergency Cache should be enough, unless you're playing Dr. Milan Christopher of course.

You'll spend half your time playing and half your time playing the two other classes depending on what weapons you have available and what allies are out.

"I'm outta here!" is not the best include in this deck, but it does stress out my usual Arkham horror partner every time I included it in my deck, so it's in because it makes me laugh to imply I'm going to get outta here! when things get bad.

Any actor worth their salt will never be seen out of their Fine Clothes, so it had to be a thematic include as well. What's more, the -2 to parley actions might be useful if ever you were to play scenarios with parleys. And the less is said of that the better. Replacing it with a second emergency cache would make sense if you're not into fine clothes.

Early upgrade list would look like:

  1. Adaptable
  2. Leo De Luca for Joey "The Rat" Vigil
  3. Upgraded Beat Cop
  4. Charisma
  5. Upgraded Switchblade and/or upgraded .41 Derringer
  6. Upgraded Magnifying Glass

Once this is done, you'd likely want to move towards the Lola wombo-combos, with Ace in the Hole and 2x Will to Survive. Police Badge would likely be a great pickup as well.


Oct 11, 2018 GreatDantone · 1

I'm the arkham partner, you should change your deck cause I burnt all copies of I'm outta here..