Sorte. Benedetto.

Costi: 2. XP: 3.


Veloce. Gioca solo quando riveli un segnalino caos che sta per ridurre a 0 il tuo valore di abilità durante una prova di abilità (incluso il segnalino ).

Annulla quel segnalino e consideralo invece come se fosse un segnalino .

Julian Kok
Al Cospetto del Trono Nero #324.

Latest Taboo

This card’s ability gains: “Remove Eucatastrophe from the game.”



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Posting another clarification ruling from Matt.


Eucatastrophe reads, "Play when you reveal a chaos token that would reduce your skill value to 0 during a skill test (including the [Auto-fail] token)." Some of us on message boards are wondering whether, let's say, if Calvin Wright was at 0 intellect (with no additional boosts via any other assets or card effects), and Calvin initiated an intellect skill test. Calvin draws any zero or negative chaos token. In this situation the chaos token would cause his skill value to stay at 0, since it's already at 0 and cannot be lowered any further. Would Calvin be able to play Eucatastrophe in this situation? Did the chaos token "reduce the skill value to 0" in this case? What about the same question for a "Wendy Adams" with "Haunted" initiating a combat skill test? She would also have a skill value of 0 before drawing the skill token.



A RAW reading of Eucatastrophe leads me to conclude that in order for you to be able to play it, the chaos token revealed must actually have the potential to reduce your skill value to 0—in other words, your modified skill value must be above 0 at the time you reveal the token, and the token must have a value that would reduce your modified skill value to 0 once it is calculated. In other words, if your skill value is already at 0 and you drew a 0 token, that wouldn’t allow you to play Eucatastrophe, because your skill value wasn’t reduced to 0.

Hope that helps!


Matthew Newman

Senior Card Game Developer

Fantasy Flight Games

iceysnowman · 163
let's say you have 2 willpower and draw a -6 token, can you use eucatastrophe or does it count as -4 on the skill value and we can't use the card? — Kylevalent · 7
You can't go negative. The -6 token would reduce your willpower-test-value to 0, and you could play Eucatastrophe. — EnderA · 1
Is this confirmed? You could argue the effect applies in the same window as lucky does, when you calculate your modified skill value (which can indeed go negative) — Kvbi · 1
Lucky is 'when you would fail a skill test' which is step 6 of skill tests. This applies in step 5: determine the modified skill value. — guy · 6
Edit, this is played during phase 3, reveal tokens. — guy · 6
As the timing is still iffy, i asked them and got an official response: We are ruling that you can play Eucatastrophe if you reveal a chaos token that reduces your skill value below 0, as you will ultimately treat that value as 0 once all modifiers are applied. The revealed token does not have to make you hit 0 exactly. — Kvbi · 1

Uber-Lucky!. The end-all be all switcheroo upset card that turns bad sitations on end and delivers unto you, salvation. This card is so good that a Taboo list appearance wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. For Silas Marsh i'dd take this even if it got the Key of Ys treatment.

First off, the requirement: Your total for a skill test must be 0!

This means that all of your skill value must be totally negated by a test, I.E, the effect is easier to trigger when your starting point is low, so that it might be negated by relatively mild negative tokens like a -2 or -3.

If you skill value is high, it becomes extremely unlikely for the requirement to trigger, attacking an enemy at +6 for example Yorick+Machete+Beat Cop, you'dd need a or somehow net -6 from the token draw, even on hard this is very unlikely! You'dd be much better served by a Lucky! that'd easily let you hit the required number (of probably 2-4) when your baseline is so high.

On the flip-side, if your starting point is +2 or +3, there are plenty of tokens in the average chaos bag that will totally negate that!


This leaves you two main uses for Eucatastrophe:

1) A tool to force success through tests which you have no business beating, for example attempting 4 tests with just 2, a common case for a variety of characters whose give them automatic success or +2, I.E, success!

2) A ward against worst-case scenarios, where an or special token might negate your skill value completely. There are, in fact, a few scenarios where the complete skill negation is slightly more common, Forgotten age for example has a few places where there might be 2+ net autofails when certain circumstances arise and most campaigns have crazy tokens in the final scenario.

The characters for whom Eucatastrophe is best for, are therefor:

  • Dudes whose effects are desirable, for example Father Mateo (its blessed!), Silas Marsh, William Yorick (He can recurse Eucatastrophe itself!!!), Calvin Wright.
  • Dudes who might find routine use via a low stat, This usually means sneaking through successes on investigation or evasion, note that there needs to be a bonus on the and your stat still must be reasonable so that you might be able to beat a difficulty 2-4 test, for example Rita Young investigating at a difficulty 2, 3 or 4 location.
  • Dudes who have a tendency to be making high-stakes tests, generally in the current cardpool that means while shooting an Old Hunting Rifle, Ornate Bow or during Waylay or Backstab.

All of the above considered, a few characters rise up from the pile as obviously great characters for Eucatastrophe:

  • Silas Marsh whose is terrific, who needs clutch defense against treacheries and tends to be risking his life on major attacks with the biggest weapons the cardpool allows. Note that you can do the trick below with Drawing Thin if you add Resourceful to the combo.

  • William Yorick whose again is awesome and tends to be making important attacks. Also he can combine Drawing Thin and Eucatastrophe to be a funny kind of efficient at 1-4 difficulty investigating, especially late-campaign (Effectively autosucceeding on 1-2 difficulty investigation, at no net cost other then drawing the cards and playing Drawing Thin!).

  • Father Mateo, whose is literally a miracle and tends to be making lots of risky tests with Shrivelling and Rite of Seeking where a badly timed special token or can be lethal.

While Eucatastrophe is reasonable on the other characters who can take it, i feel that it's a lower priority, especially for Wendy Adams who has no appropriate stats to abuse and a +0 on her . Besides she excells at circumventing bad token draws to begin with!

Tsuruki23 · 2487
Not sure I agree that this doesn't suit Wendy. With her amulet in play this is an auto succeed, which opens up some incredible combo potential. Trigger 2x Drawing Thin for 4 resources and to ensure failure then chuck in Double or Nothing to really ensure failure and this gives her a guaranteed 4 damage from a single swing of the baseball bat, or 6 damage if used in conjunction with Backstab. It would then be sitting right there at the top of the discard pile to be re-used on the following action. Seems pretty powerful to me, albeit situational. — Sassenach · 179
Even without Wendy's Amulet in play i think this card is amazing for Wendy. Yorick and Silas can recur this card very easily, but they have to pay 2 resources each time, and Silas in particular is very well suited to not having his test value brought down to 0. Wendy can hold back on this as insurance alongside Lucky! and her main ability. If she fails by a small margin after a token pull, she uses Lucky!, and if she fails to 0 she uses this. It's such great backup insurance that she wont need to continually pour resources into unlike the other guys. And she can still recur it very easily. To guarantee it, commit a Resourceful to a test of 3 on 3 or less (her base investigate stat on 3 shroud for example) with Lucky! and another Eucatastrophe in hand. Or just use Resourceful on a test she's more likely to pass, like a Lockpicks investigate on a low shroud or a Fire Axe attack. I think people are horribly underestimating this card for Wendy, and I genuinely think it's going to be strongest for her. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
Do keep in mind that Eucatastrophy is not affected, at all, by the test difficulty. it doesnt matter if you chuck Double or nothing at a test and Drawing thinm if your skill value at the end isnt 0, it wont hit Eucatastrophy. — Tsuruki23 · 2487
This means that taking tests at +3, such as by swinging baseball bat or just her unmodified intellect, they stand pretty good chances at hitting -2 and therefore not triggering Eucatastrophy. — Tsuruki23 · 2487
I don't understand your point here. Wendy's elder sign ability with the amulet in an auto succeed. This means that you can make the difficulty of the test as high as you like and still pass it. In other words, it's a guaranteed pass whether you need to use Eucatastrophe or not. Of course that's a big deal. It doesn't matter what token you draw because whatever it is will still succeed, so you can pile on as many cards like DoN or DT and still get the succeed effect as well as all the subsidiary benefits. Frankly who cares if you might have succeeded anyway ? Either way you succeed. — Sassenach · 179
You have to get your result down to 0 to play Eucatastrophe, so it does matter what token you draw. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
OK, but what he said was that it doesn't matter about the test difficulty, which is nonsense. DoN and DT can make a test unpassable quite easily. — Sassenach · 179
I'm not sure I'm following what your issue is. Eucatastrophe's trigger is 100% independent of the test difficulty. It only cares if your skill value drops to 0. So you can play Euca when Wendy pulls a -4 with a Flashlight'd Investigate on a shroud 2 location (0 on 0, a pass) and you can play it when she pulls a -4 on a normal Investigate of a 2 shroud location (0 on 2, a failure). You could similarly play it if it were a Drawing Thin'd and Double or Nothing'd Investigate on that location where she pulls a -4 token (0 on 8, a failure). In none of these instances does the test difficulty help trigger Eucatastrophe. Unless you mean that the Elder Sign you get from Eucatastrophe might be useless in letting you pass a test with such a high difficulty, which is true except in the case of automatic success such as Wendy with her amulet out. Eucatastrophe's ability to be played is completely independent of test difficulty and dependent on token draw and skill level. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
The point is that the ability to treat Eucatastrophe as an auto succeed allows Wendy to play DoN on a fight check, which she would never be able to do otherwise. Sure, she has to ensure that she doesn't only fail by 2, but that ought to be trivially easy for her given her low baseline stat. The harder she can make the test the better of course, because the harder it is the fewer the number of tokens that might cause it to whiff. By using DT and DoN she should be able to almost guarantee that it can't whiff. — Sassenach · 179
I dont follow. She can fail by 2, 200, or even succeed as in the example I showed. Failure is not at all a requirement of playing Eucatastrophe. You merely need your skill value to reach 0. It relies solely on token pull and not at all on test difficulty. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
@Sassenach I think you are misunderstanding one thing. The condition to use Eucatastrophe is "Skill value" plus "token value" = 0. — Killbray · 10604
So if your "skill value" is 3 the "token value" is "-2" and the skill test difficulty is "10" due to DoN shenaningans, you get "3" + "-2" which is equal 1 and you can't use eucatastrophe because the skill test difficulty really doesn't factor in the equation. It is also important to note that you might draw a "+1" which means even Calvin Wright with a 0 could find himself unable to use Eucatastrophe. — Killbray · 10604
Ah yes. Sorry everyone, I seem to have had a temporary brain fart. — Sassenach · 179
No worries, it happens. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
I think the best use of this card is as insurance against Old Hunting Rifle jamming. — matt88 · 3053
Good add for Ashcan Pete IMO. Refreshes Duke and passes a failed test? Amazing — brerlapine · 19
question! the effect of William Yorick elder sign could be applied on the same copy of Eucatastrophe we have played? is this copy in the discard pile when the effect resolves? I think so. Yorick's elder sign effect: +2. If this test is successful, return 1 card from your discard pile to your hand. — Matamagos · 4
@Metamagos — Flazzy · 5
@Metamagos Yes, it could be applied. I use Eucatastrophe with Silas... wonderful combo: Eucatastrophe + Resourceful — Flazzy · 5
Trivia point...the word Eucatastrophe was coined by JRRTolkein. — AndyN · 42
"question! the effect of William Yorick elder sign could be applied on the same copy of Eucatastrophe we have played? is this copy in the discard pile when the effect resolves? I think so. Yorick's elder sign effect: +2. If this test is successful, return 1 card from your discard pile to your hand" — bprad · 1
What is the answer to this question? "question! the effect of William Yorick elder sign could be applied on the same copy of Eucatastrophe we have played? is this copy in the discard pile when the effect resolves? I think so. Yorick's elder sign effect: +2. If this test is successful, return 1 card from your discard pile to your hand". I am not sure Eucatastrophe will be in the discard pile for it to be recursed. — bprad · 1