Covenant. Blessed. Cursed.

Costi: –. XP: 2.

Permanent. Limit 1 Covenant per deck.

After an investigator at your location performs the "reveal the chaos token" step of a skill test, if both a token and a token were revealed during that test, exhaust Paradoxical Covenant: This test automatically succeeds. (Remove each and token revealed from the chaos bag after this test ends.)

Tiziano Baracchi
Con l'Acqua alla Gola #120.
Paradoxical Covenant
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: At which step of the skill test do the bless and curse tokens activate their effects, for the purposes of Sacred Covenant and Paradoxical Covenant? I assume step 4 like other chaos symbols effects. In this case, how does Sacred Covenant work? [Skill Test timing] A: Some effects may cause skill test timing to jump around a bit. In particular, whenever an effect causes you to reveal a new chaos token outside of Step 3 (reveal chaos tokens), it resets the timing back down to step 3. For example, if you were to reveal a token with the effect “+2. Reveal another token,” resolving that effect during step 4 would reset the timing back to step 3. (That way you can go through the standard motions of revealing that token and applying its effects and modifier.) The same is true for bless and curse tokens.

    Let’s say you drew 2 bless tokens and a +1 and wanted to use Sacred Covenant to put the unnecessary bless tokens back in the bag. It would go like this:

    St. 3 — reveal bless token.

    St. 4 — resolve its effect (reset back to step 3 to draw again).

    St. 3 — reveal another bless token.

    St. 4 — resolve its effect.

    St. 3 — reveal +1.

    After St. 3 — trigger Sacred Covenant to put the two bless tokens back in the chaos bag.

    St. 4+ resolve as normal.

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I'll be honest; unless I'm just bad at math & probability - this card is almost impossible to resolve naturally. I guess it's expecting you to lean into cards like Premonition, Grotesque Statue, The Chthonian Stone etc - to manipulate your odds. I'm just not sure I would want to dump 2 XP and a load of other cards in order to make it work. Am I missing something here?

Othello · 2
I love the fact that this card is both blessed and cursed simultaneously — snacc · 410
so dunwich starts with 15 tokens, if you have 10 blessing and 10 curses you have a 20/35 chance to draw either a bless or a curse, then a 10/35 to draw the other type you need, sure not likely (hovering at what, 2/9 chance on any draw) and pretty hard to set up such a flooded bag but it is 2xp you didn't have to draw, only exhausts when you know for a fact you need it to and trigger on any token pull at your location, seems like without much support you'll have this trigger once a game (and 2xp to turn a failed test into a succesful test with no support seems fine) — Zerogrim · 181
realise I am mistaken above, the second pull is actually 10/25 in that example because drawing another curse token just means you keep drawing, so you can the odds up to 22% in dunwich, on any draw, though some of those draw are going to pass anyway, be nice to see how oftern it actually works in a real game. — Zerogrim · 181
Olive MacBride and Jacqueline Fine BFFs could get some use out of this. — LivefromBenefitSt · 626
So does resolving a bless/curse token take you back to the reveal a chaos token step? If not, then this card will be near impossible to pull off. You have to trigger this during the "reveal chaos tokens" step, but this will usually be only 1 token, even if you draw a bless/curse token. That token won't resolve until the "apply chaos symbol effects" step, which is when you would draw an additional token. — eapfel · 2
Okay never mind, I finally dug up the answer. It does revert you back to the "reveal a chaos token" step. — eapfel · 2