Daredevil Darling 2023 (Deck Update)

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chirubime · 25867

Deck Update

This is a deck update not a full guide, just the changes I've adopted for my decklist Daredevil Darling. Check out the original decklist for the full explanation. TSK introduced 4 cards of relevance to this deck, Salvage, Friends in Low Places, Makeshift Trap, and Predator or Prey.

This variant of the deck has been and is currently being run through Carcosa and Forgotten Age on standard difficulty. It's 19xp standalone friendly as well, just drop the 2nd copy of Cheat the System or put back in 1 Refine and use it during your game on Makeshift Trap's Improved Timer.

Click Here for 3 EXP Deck

Take 2 physical trauma with In the Thick of It. Use Refine to check the second checkbox of Clever on Friends in Low Places so you can immediately use it.


  • Synergy: I dropped True Survivor + Prophetic package because it's exp intensive, and requires you to recover a Resourceful with True Survivor / Scrounge to then get Prophetic. We streamline this by using Talisman of Protection + Pocket Telescope to cover 4 classes. Both of these cards are Items which can be played with the aid of Salvage.

  • Black Market: Last taboo stopped the infinite Black Market aspect of this deck. You can still run 1 copy and it helps you and your teammates, but this deck update wants to showcase some of the newer elements of the deck.

  • Refine: This deck wants 2 customizable cards to be upgraded as fast as possible. Refine not only gives you extra experience, it lets you immediately use the checkbox you filled. The starter version of this deck runs 1 Refine which will be upgraded out later on.

  • Scrounge + Daredevil: As Cuherdir suggested, you can net 4 resources and 1 additional action whenever you have the chance to commit Daredevil.

  1. Use Scrounge for Supplies on Daredevil.

  2. Take a skill test and commit Daredevil, milling your deck.

  3. Play 2 copies of Cheat the System, 2 copies of Swift Reflexes. Cheat gives 4 money each, and Swift costs 2 each.

  4. Net 4 resources, 2 actions. (1 of those actions can be used to Scrounge for Daredevil again).

New Setup

  • Salvage: This card makes Wendy's Amulet "searchable". With 2 copies of Resourceful in your deck, you have functionally 5 copies of Wendy's Amulet at your disposal. Daredevil mills your entire deck including Wendy's Amulet. You play Salvage to play Wendy's Amulet from your discard pile. Then, you can play the Yaotl in your discard pile with A Chance Encounter in your discard pile.
  1. First Action : Take a skill test and commit Daredevil, and Resourceful if you don't have Salvage in hand.

  2. Second Action : Play Wendy's Amulet via Salvage.

  3. Third Action : Play Yaotl via A Chance Encounter.

  • Friends in Low Places - Trait: You can name a few different things. The only card that cannot be searched in this deck is Daredevil. Because of that, you can have your Friends in Low Places trait to be Fortune or Practiced. Another option is to call Madness and purposefully look for Abandoned & Alone. Drawing it deliberately means you don't have to be disrupted by it sometime in the future.

  • Friends in Low Places - Customizations: Take Clever + Prompt. Clever reorders your cards which functions as tutoring. You can reorder a weakness to be on top of your deck so that you can immediately discard it with Yaotl. You can reorder the cards so that the ones you want are closer to the top. You can reorder the cards so that you can draw Daredevil next. Prompt being fast let's you do this before you are setup without losing much tempo. It also lets you quickly reorder your deck and push a card to the top of your deck for Yaotl to mill even after you are set up.

Makeshift Trap

  • Overview: Deal 6 testless damage to all enemies at any location. You can do this every round since Wendy's Amulet infinitely recurs events.

  • Net: This is the bread and butter of this card. Stopping non-Elite enemies from making attacks of opportunity means you can trap enemies in a location, and simply walk out without taking any repercussions.

  • Explosive Device: When discarded, you deal 3 testless damage to everything at it's location. There is no limit to the number of Makeshift Traps you can attach to your location, meaning you can stack 2 copies of this card on the same location.

  • Improved Timer: You can reduce the time to 1 so that you can get rid of the enemies on the same round you play Makeshift Trap.

  • Simple: Making it a fast any player window is absolutely crazy. This means you can drop the Makeshift Trap down outside of your turn when another investigator is already stuck with enemies on them. You can drop the Makeshift during enemy phase after hunters move. You can even drop the Makeshift Trap during a skill test you take. Pocket Telescope lets you investigate at a connecting location, meaning you can remotely drop the Makeshift Trap during the investigate action you took with Telescope, giving you a huge area of effectiveness.

  • Ethereal Slip: Ethereal Slip swap enemies into your Makeshift Trap, saving teammates in the process who are far away. The upgrade version has a bigger area of effectiveness.

  • Predator or Prey: Predator or Prey is always available to you. Simply spend an action to use Scrounge for Supplies from your discard pile choosing Predator or Prey. You can either scoot everyone out of your explosion range on Makeshift Trap, or you can lure enemies towards players standing in the Makeshift Trap. You can do this out of turn by playing Swift Reflexes to Scrounge the Predator or Prey out of turn.


May 09, 2023 avaira · 1

Here we go again!

May 09, 2023 MagicalSturd · 1

spicy. can you update your minh deck too?

May 09, 2023 Lola Hayes · 992

Do you still upgrade your Backpacks with all the new cards? I haven't found the space for the new cards in my builds.

May 09, 2023 tokeeto · 33

So, having played Advanced Wendy twice, I don't get why you you wouldn't take Easy Mark for the infinite money. Friends in low places to look for Daredevil is the quickest way to kickstart the deck, in case you didn't successfully mulligan for it. Once you have the infinite money, Money Talks, Alter Fate and Counter Espionage becomes enough to lock down the entire mythos deck, and let your allies succeed on every test.

May 09, 2023 chirubime · 25867

@MagicalSturd I could, but I've linked my newer Minh builds in the description of that decklist. Do people look at that?

@Lola Hayes I don't upgrade Backpacks anymore. With Salvage, there are basically 5 copies of Amulet, and Friends in Low Places helps you shift your deck around enough that you can use it to tutor Amulet-relevant cards as well.

@tokeeto Yeah, I've addressed this in my original deck post, which is that the Daredevil engine is a toolbox for any sort of event shenanigans you want to do with Wendy. The Easy Mark loop was already established at the point I posted that deck, and this is more of an evaluation on what the TSK set did for the deck. You're free to play Easy Mark as the engine of this deck instead.

May 09, 2023 Snilly · 1

Can confirm I'm getting carried on my tests by this deck

May 10, 2023 camipco · 35

Neat deck.

Old Shotgun? Great with Salvage, and gets you the 5 color.

May 10, 2023 camipco · 35

Never mind, you need the hand for telescope.

May 10, 2023 chirubime · 25867

@camipco I have played Old Shotgun in this Wendy build for funsies before. XD

You can still go for the Prophetic if you want full synergy, but since we don't even run Strength in Numbers or Call for Backup, it seems like more work than not to fill out all 5 classes.

You can always ask a teammate to throw down a Solemn Vow into your play area :P

@Snilly xD

May 12, 2023 Cuherdir · 1168

Thanks for the shoutout :D

Indeed once you go for the framework, you can add any kind of shenanigans to it. I'd personally like me some Lucky (3) and Money Talks (2) upgrades so your whole team only ever fails skill tests on the autofail and even that can be mitigated with a nice Third Time's a Charm... Yeah, absurdly powerful infinite combo, which is something you really have to enjoy going for...

May 12, 2023 chirubime · 25867

@Cuherdir hehe! i didn't forget ya. My original decklist plays those cards as the upgrades. I wanted to keep this decklist's xp a little more midtier. The reach of effectiveness of Money talks (2) along with Lucky (3) as well as their card draw are cores for the deck. They are in the side deck as upgrade options.

May 13, 2023 camipco · 35

Scrounge + Daredevil can use 1 more combo piece to go infinite - a fast draw. The easiest choice is Tempt Fate. This is because you also need an action to take a test to put the pieces back in your discard. So starting with everything in your discard:

Swift Reflects x2 = -4 resources, +2 actions Cheat the System x2 = +4 resources Scrounge for Supplies on Daredevil = +4 resources, +1 actions Take a test, committing Daredevil = +4 resources, 0 actions, everything back to discard, repeat.

This lets you take infinite tests and get infinite resources, but unless you have some way to profit from infinite tests, you get stuck. However, add:

Swift Reflects x2 = -4 resources, +2 actions Cheat the System x2 = +4 resources, +2 actions Scrounge for Supplies on Daredevil = +4 resources, +1 actions Take a test, committing Daredevil = +4 resources, 0 actions, everything back to discard.

Swift Reflects x2 = -4 resources, +2 actions Cheat the System x2 = +4 resources, +2 actions Tempt Fate = +4 resources, draw Fast Reflexes (which is top of the deck), +2 actions Fast Reflexes = +2 resources, +3 actions Scrounge for Supplies on Daredevil = +4 resources, +2 actions Take a test, committing Daredevil = +4 resources, +1 actions, everything back to discard, repeat.

Of course, now you aren't playing a game any more.

May 13, 2023 chirubime · 25867

@camipco That's a good idea. The obvious limitation is the Tempt Fate maxes out at 10 cursed tokens (really 3, if you didn't remove any.) The draw 1 is followed in a conditional then to adding the curses in.

I'd like to improve your idea by adding like 2 copies of Third Time's a Charm to try to fish for as many curses out on one of those big Money Talks tests, just so you don't cap yourself out after 3 Tempt Fates.

May 13, 2023 koaexe · 25

In that case you can probably mix in a Harmony Restored (2) every 3 loops right? The "draw 1" effect on Tempt Fate should be able to fire whether you can add the Blesses or not, so it's just a matter of getting rid of the curses while still maintaining a net action gain.
Add in Will to Survive (3) to avoid drawing the autofail or any blesses so that you can always remove all curses with Harmony Restored. 5 more XP to go infinite seems quite reasonable.

May 13, 2023 chirubime · 25867

@koaexe great idea! I'll have to try it sometime

May 14, 2023 camipco · 35

Excellent. I did not realize the card draw was conditional on successfully adding the curses. Great suggestion for Harmony Restored (2) to fix it.

May 16, 2023 gByakko · 2

As this deck has access to infinite resources through either:

  1. Easy Mark loop
  2. Scrounge + Daredevil loop

A potential means of going infinite would be to then, with an empty deck (ex. Just after a Scrounge + Daredevil loop)

  1. Play 2x Swift Reflexes from the discard pile (net +2 actions, -4 resources)
  2. Take any skill test, committing 2x Money Talks (2) from the discard pile, drawing both Swift Reflexes (net +1 action).
  3. Play 2x Swift Reflexes from the hand (net +3 actions) Optional- 4. Play 2x Cheat the System from the discard pile
  4. Scrounge + Daredevil from the discard pile (net +2 actions)
  5. Take any skill test, committing Daredevil from the hand (net +1 action)

Ending with +1 in action economy, -4/-8 resources, and an empty deck to restart the loop. Thus, going infinite. And with Will to Survive (3), true infinite (provided none of these pieces were eaten by A&A of course).

It doesn't really matter that each loop costs 4 or 8 resources if you've generated over a thousand(s) to start (and could restart the money printer whenever desired). The 2x Cheat the System could be omitted for that reason to save time that would be spent putting it back under your deck and into the discard pile each time.

A Will to Survive (3) would also be excellent to play at any point of this so as to deal with any tokens that could add doom or disrupt the combo in any way.

My reasoning from 2x Money Talks (2) drawing 2 cards comes from liwl0115's inquiry to FFG about Money Talks (2)'s interaction with Double, Double.

May 16, 2023 gByakko · 2

As I was brainstorming all of that, I somehow forgot that each Cheat the System would generate 4 resources, for a total of 8 resources. Thus, the loop would be net 0 resources and so it doesn't even set you back any once you get rolling.

May 16, 2023 camipco · 35

@gByakko Did you see my deck arkhamdb.com which focuses on this loop?

May 16, 2023 gByakko · 2

I saw your "No fun at all" Wendy deck and read the write up regarding Tempt Fate/Harmony Restored and the combo sequence for that, but completely missed the line about using Money Talks (2) to bypass step 6 of your sequence.

That's probably the more optimal combo. It only takes 2 xp (1x Harmony Restored) compared to 4xp (2x Money Talks (2)). It does take up more space, but 2x Tempt Fate can help cycle through cards as well.

If anything, a deck could run both infinite packages in case the player gets really unlucky and Abandoned & Alone eats stuff.

May 18, 2023 tomcool · 1

So I have to admit all this talk of milling the deck is a little confusing to me. Wouldn't abandoned and alone just eat your deck if you just cycle your deck for daredevil again? How would you make sure nothing is in your discard every time you loop?

May 18, 2023 camipco · 35

@tomcool You don't ever cycle your whole deck. Daredevil only reshuffles the weaknesses discarded by it's own effect. So on your first Daredevil, typically it does hit all your weaknesses and so you end up with a deck consisting only of weaknesses. But then you use Yaotl to put those weaknesses in your discard, After that, when you play events Wendy's Amulet's Forced ability puts them on the "bottom" of your deck, meaning your deck consists only of the events you have played. You then use Daredevil, which puts your events back in the discard, but the Weaknesses were already in the discard, so they don't get discarded by Daredevil and therefore never go back into the deck. You do have to be a little careful you don't ever draw from your empty deck and therefore reshuffle everything, but you can normally easily avoid that by playing Cheat the System. Hope that makes sense!

May 18, 2023 tomcool · 1

@camipco If i understand correctly, a) You'd need to have Yoatl and have none of the daredevils in your deck? b) then you commit daredevil which discards everything but your weaknesses c) use yoatl to discard one of the weaknesses d) play an event to get a card at bottom of your deck e) use it again in enemy phase to discard second weakness? f) profit?

May 18, 2023 koaexe · 25

@tomcool The only Rogue Skills in this deck are 2 copies of Daredevil. Even if there is another Daredevil in the deck, your first Daredevil will find and commit the second copy, triggering the milling effect all over again. Of course the second Daredevil will whiff but you are only milling your deck so it doesn't matter.

For a), you also need to have Wendy's Amulet in play or a way to grab it from the discard (a Salvage in hand or a Resourceful with which you can grab Salvage from the discard. Scrounge won't work because Signatures have no level). You don't actually need Yaotl at that point because you can just Amulet + A Chance Encounter (2) him into play. Everything else is correct.

May 18, 2023 camipco · 35

@tomcool Close. As the poster above said, you do need Wendy's Amulet or Salvage, and it doesn't matter where the 2nd copy of Daredevil is. You don't actually need Yaotl in play, because you can use the Amulet to A Chance Encounter Him from the discard after Daredevil puts everything there, including Yaotl and Chance Encounter.

Fwiw, I prefer Chance Encounter (0) because you only need Yaotl for 1 turn and it's cheaper on resources.

May 19, 2023 tomcool · 1

@koaexe``@camipco Thanks for the help

May 26, 2023 tomcool · 1

We immediately homeruled [[Swift Reflexes]] and [[Friends in Low Places]] as once/round (per player)

May 26, 2023 koaexe · 25

To be fair it's more an Advanced Wendy's Amulet problem. Regular Amulet can pull a bunch of shenanigans off too, but never to this degree because you have to manage the order of your discard and the events that are OP if played repeatedly get tabooed to be RFGed anyway (A Watchful Peace and Eucatastrophe).

Swift Reflexes is just a one time use of Skids' ability, which afaik is rather mediocre to begin with. The problem is Advanced Amulet allows you to basically play it infinite times with very little setup needed (compare a recent Trish deck that needs you to play like 15 assets and have very specific cards in your deck before going infinite) thanks to Daredevil. Friends is a great tutor but again, it won't break the game unless you specifically go out of your way to do so.

May 27, 2023 gByakko · 2

I also homeruled [Swift Reflexes] as "Max once per round" to be in line with similar cards (Quick Thinking and Honed Instinct). I think it's the weakest variant of these sorts of cards, but having no limit per round opens it to being broken at some point (as this comment thread has shown). This deck is still incredibly powerful with that change, but at least 1 infinite loop is closed.

Jul 04, 2023 SmokedRWA · 1

I noticed that while it is mentioned, Predator or Prey isn’t actually in the deck. What card(s) would be subbed out for it?

Jul 06, 2023 camipco · 35

@SmokedRWA It's in the 3xp starter deck, arkhamdb.com I'm not sure exactly what replaces it, but you could probably get away with cutting 1 Salvage or 1 Money Talks. Although really, once you have the shell, lots of arrangements of events can work.

Sep 03, 2023 camipco · 35

The latest taboo list has destroyed this deck. Daredevil now causes you to draw any weaknesses it hits instead of shuffling them, so the Yaotl trick doesn't work and you just run headfirst into Abandoned and Alone.

Sep 09, 2023 An_Undecayed_Whately · 912

I noticed that the assets with damage and horror are not readily disposable for use as soak.

Have you considered one-of healing event, maybe Call for Backup? Or an efficient asset like Earthly Serenity, which can be recurred via Resourceful?

Sep 09, 2023 gByakko · 2

@An_Undecayed_Whately With Wendy's good defensive stats, I didn't find damage/horror to be much of an issue when I ran the deck (prior to the latest taboo), but Call for Backup was solid. Healed any chip that I did take, healed teammates, and got me a testless clue.

Sep 11, 2023 tokeeto · 33

@camipco I don't think it's destroyed in any way. It's just closer to being fair. It's not - but it's closer to being.

Short Supply, Yaotl and Friends will still dig through this deck overwhelmingly quick, and as soon as Abandoned and Alone hits the discard pile (which could easily be in setup), you can play Daredevil.

If you want to play safe, Short supply gives you a 10/28 (35.7%) chance of getting rid of AaA at the start of the game. Yaotl, if played first turn, discards 5/6 cards, giving you 3 "random" draws before you're through the entire deck. If you can play a single Friends at the right time, you're down to, I think, single card position that needs to be AaA to give you any trouble. That's a 1 in 28 risk. So in 27/28 games, you'll be ready to go within the first 3 turns.

Oh, and it's almost impossible for Short Supply to kill the deck. You can replay anything, as long as you can get the amulet. Stuff that needs to be removed to kill the entire deck: Amulet, Yaotl, Scrounge, Salvage, Chance Encounter, Resourceful (and True Survivor, if you run that), that's 12-13 cards, if you want to build a safe version of this. But that's assuming you draw just about the worst hand possible - I mean, not a lot of guardians work either, if all of their 6 weapons are in the bottom 6 cards.

You can also run a Crystalized Skull (and Katja, if you can find the xp for charisma) to stash some of your cards until you're rid of AaA.