Costi: 3. XP: 3.

Guardiano Mistico Sopravvissuto

Utilizzo (2 risorse). All'inizio di ogni round, reintegra queste risorse.

Le risorse su Profetico possono essere spese per pagare carte Sorte, Incantesimo o Spirito.

Durante una prova di abilità di una carta Sorte, Incantesimo o Spirito, spendi 1 risorsa da Profetico: Ricevi +1 al valore di abilità in questa prova.

Pavel Kolomeyets
Ai Confini della Terra, Espansione Investigatori #120.


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This is probably the strongest triple-class booster card of them all, maybe with some competition from Crafty. The combination of Fortune, Spell, and Spirit covers a pretty impressive array of cards. While this includes some Spell assets, most of the power here comes from events - so it's particularly good with event-based investigators like Patrice or Parallel Agnes. But I think it's a real workhorse for any Survivor that might splash into the Guardian or Mystic side of of the trifecta (or maybe vice versa).

Some of the best survivor cards like True Survivor, Will to Survive are ordinarily held back by their cost, but receive a strong discount through Prophetic. There are less dramatic staples that no survivor would mind discounting: nobody will say no to a free Eucatastrophe, "Look what I found!", or Lucky!. If you're running a bless build and draw into Keep Faith, you can just throw it out as soon as you want without caring. It plays nicely with Dark Horse since it's a pool of replenishing credits outside of your own bank.

Honestly, it's so good with Survivor toys I'm not sure I'll ever run On Your Own over it again. OYO has consistency, resource cost, and deck space considerations going for it ... but Prophetic is so strong and flexible I'm fully willing to draw & pay for it if it means I can play with allies too.

Teag · 49
Two words: Nathaniel Cho. — DjMiniboss · 44
Five words: Nathaniel Cho with Gang Up. — DjMiniboss · 44

All of this cycle of triple-class cards are good if you're strapped for cash or need the skill boost if you have a good chunk of cards from any one of the particular traits listed. Most Mystics are intrigued because probably half of your deck is made of Spells, and boy, Spells are expensive! Robes of Endless Night kind of works in a similar fashion at level 0, and this is quickly becoming a staple for Mystics. But for one Mystic in particular, Father Mateo, you should get a discount for your non-Spell cards, too:

Spirit cards: in , right now there are only two non-Spell Spirit cards: Meditative Trance and Winds of Power. For the former, if you're otherwise not spending the resources that round, 0 cost to heal is not terrible, but Winds of Power is definitely worth the look. Outside of this, there is A Watchful Peace, which is already pretty cheap, but every resource counts!

Fortune cards: The main attraction. Father Mateo can take six Blessed cards that have the Fortune trait that cost any resources. A Glimmer of Hope is not worth your time here, but a free Eucatastrophe or Keep Faith is absolutely worth it. Playing Harmony Restored for only 1 resource might even be viable, especially if you're running Tempt Fate! Fortune or Fate and Shrine of the Moirai round out the set for now.

Calvin Wright is another interesting candidate due to his access to Spirit cards and affinity for Fortune cards. He even has access to a few non-Spirit Spells: Alter Fate, Enchanted Bow, and Earthly Serenity. Of course, all of the main class Guardians/Mystics/Survivors with one of the other classes as their off-class will think about this card, too -- I think in particular Patrice Hathaway will be using Spells and Fortune cards all over the place and can use the discount.

dscarpac · 820

This is new boost + resource asset type. It seems that this serise is similar to PT4 serise. However, the purpose of both are quite different. 1) PT4 doesn't give any cost, but this do. 2) PT4 can boost your skill at encounter card, but this cannot. 3) PT4 can boost your skill with your resource, but this cannot. Therefore, if you're plan to boost your skill value, it may be better to use PT4.

Guardian(): Most guardians don't consider this. If you check the available list in guardian pool, there is only 1 asset to boost and most cards are event. It means that it's hard to spend resources on Prophetic for each round. However, if you're plan to use Boxing Gloves such as Nathaniel, Prophetic is good candidate. Also, Prophetic is the only asset working with Gang Up. Prophetic + Gang Up is 1 resource cost with +3 with 4 damages.

Survivor(): Like guardian, there are very few asset; available list. However, there are many good Fortune events: "Look what I found!", Lucky!, Will to Survive, True Survivor, Eucatastrophe, Trial by Fire... Thus, you can use Prophetic as an economy card. If you want to play True Survivor repeatedly without On Your Own, Prophetic is good solution.

Mystic(): Prophetic works with Spell. That's all. However, if your deck has lots of resources like P-Agnes or Dexter and you want to use Propertic as an boosting source, Arcane Studies 4 is usually better.

Off-class cards: available list I don't know which cards are good, but some economy cards work: 21 or Bust, Hot Streak.

elkeinkrad · 473
One card that instantly adds a ton of power to prophetic in guardian is the Brand of Cthugha, it can be played for free off a single copy of prophetic and enjoys being boosted up even past the typical 4 up to avoid any nasty effects. — Zerogrim · 287
Beautiful with Close the Circle (add Winds of Power to taste) — Timlagor · 4
I'm thinking Prophetic would mate well with Dark Horse. After all, the resources on Prophetic aren't in your pool, thus bypassing the "no money for you" limit on Dark Horse. And Survivor is full of Fortune and Spirit events that cost 2 or less (3 or less if you gain a resource in your upkeep). — Staffan · 3

I'm becoming a fan of this card for my mystic cluevers: play Dayana Esperence, attach Read the Signs to her and now - as long as she has a secret on her - once per round you can play Read the signs for free. Considering the mystics have Enraptured and you test + , you have really good chances to have 4 - 5 uses of this copy of Read the signs.

And considering several good - mystics (Gloria Goldberg, Marie Lambeau, Luke Robinson, ... and Norman Withers) have some access to seeker cards, you can find other ways to recharge the secrets: Truth from Fiction, Eldritch Sophist (+ Forbidden Knowledge or Astounding Revelation.

AlexP · 245
Good call on the Dayana + expensive spell combo! I only used her for cheap stuff like "Deny Existence", which is still great. But not a game progressing spell like RtS! — Susumu · 351