Lola Hayes in "Resident Evil"

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mattastrophic · 1110

This is the 0XP starting version of the Lola Hayes deck I took all the way through the Path to Carcosa campaign solo.

A few notes on card choice and strategy:

-Peter Sylvestre is excellent for both boosting stats and making up for Lola's Sanity of 6, and Dr. William T. Maleson soaks up damage.

-True Grit is our seventh Guardian card, to make up for Lola's Health of 6. Feel free to swap it out once you have a different Guardian card to take its place.

-No Stone Unturned is kinda slow, but it's for getting Dark Horse and a weapon set up without digging for cards with draw actions.

-The free move granted by Survival Instinct can really save your life.


This deck does not have a preset upgrade path to reach its goals, but here a few cards I think are very useful for consideration.

-Lola can pick up Adaptable, which is very useful because it gives us some wiggle room with changing around our three role selections. Once we've picked up a few upgrades, such as 2x Shards of the Void and 1x Crystalline Elder Sign, Adaptable lets us swap out, for example, Dr. William T. Maleson for David Renfield.

-Charon's Obol, though not for the feint of heart, can give Lola a bunch of extra XP throughout a campaign.

-Peter Sylvestre L2 is an excellent and high-priority upgrade for this deck. The upgraded version gives us an additional +1 willpower and the ability to place two sanity damage at once.

-Crystalline Elder Sign applies an additional +1 to all four stats above and beyond Dark Horse's bonus.

-Shards of the Void is a great enemy-slayer to spend XP on, and it doesn't take up a hand slot. If spells aren't your thing, then consider spending some XP on .45 Automatic L2, Old Hunting Rifle, or Ornate Bow. The key here is to have some pretty consistent two-damage weaponry along with some options for hitting for three damage.

-Higher Education is an excellent card, and also very solid in this deck. By dumping our last resource or two into it when making an investigation check, we can turn on Dark Horse get up to 6+ on our check.

-Charisma lets us have both Peter Sylvestre and another ally in play. This deck can get by without it, since Dr. Maleson is only here to soak up damage, but if you add another important ally to your deck either from the campaign or from, say, spending XP on Lola Santiago, Charisma becomes very important.

-Lola Santiago is a solid choice for increasing our stats. Her clue-finding ability doesn't really mesh well with our Dark Horse strategy, though, so consider adding The Skeleton Key to go along with her.

-And last, but definitely not least, though it's a controversial card, Key of Ys is pretty incredible in a Lola deck featuring Peter Sylvestre L2. Lola is a generalist attempting to push all of her skills as high as she can, and the Key is a big boost for all four, while Peter and Dr. Maleson keep us from losing the Key to sanity loss. Extra important is that since the Key is neutral, we'll likely never lose it to Crisis of Identity.

-Speaking of the Key, if you want to go down the Relic path with Key of Ys and Crystalline Elder Sign, Dr. Elli Horowitz and/or Relic Hunter may be worth considering, since they give us extra slots for our accessories.

So if you want a fun deck with all sorts of XP-advancement paths, give Lola a try!


Dec 23, 2018 kai_spa · 1

Greetings. What would be the upgrade path? First Charisma? thanks :)

Dec 23, 2018 mattastrophic · 1110

@kai_spa I don't really have an upgrade path in mind, but I'll edit the description to talk about some good upgrades to consider.