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Icone AbilitĂ :

Veloce. Gioca solo dopo che hai pescato una carta incontro non Isolamento, ma prima di risolverne gli effetti.

Scegli un altro investigatore. Considera invece come se quell'investigatore avesse pescato quella carta incontro. Ottieni 1 risorsa.

Borja Pindado
L'Era Dimenticata #28.
"A Questo Pensaci Tu!"
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: Can I use "Let me handle this!" or "You handle this one!" on a weakness? A: No. Both of these cards are played after you or another investigator draw a non-peril encounter card, but before resolving that card’s effects. Weaknesses with an encounter cardtype (such as enemies or treacheries) are considered to be encounter cards while they are being resolved and once they have entered play, but are not considered to be encounter cards yet at the time that these cards are played. Therefore, at the time these cards would be played, they are still player cards and are not legal targets. - FAQ, v.1.3, May 2018
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