Scrigno del Consiglio
Cosa ci Sarà Dentro?


Oggetto. Reliquia.

Costi: 0. XP: 2.
Icone Abilità:

Utilizzo (1 lucchetti). Se non ci sono lucchetti sullo Scrigno del Consiglio, ogni investigatore cerca nel suo mazzo o nella sua pila degli scarti 1 carta e la gioca immediatamente senza pagarne il costo. Esilia lo Scrigno del Consiglio. (Massimo una volta per campagna.)

: Effettua una prova di una qualsiasi abilità (5). Se hai successo, rimuovi 1 lucchetto. Qualsiasi investigatore nel tuo luogo può attivare questa capacità.

Carta creata da The Council durante le Arkham Nights 2017.

Mauro Dal Bo
For the Greater Good #196.
Scrigno del Consiglio

Tricky card to use but here's some tricks to execute the super tutor on demand.

Raw power it via an exploited main stat, for example:

Once you and your friends get the box halfway done, force the last bit right when you need it with:

And now you just sit back and dig out all your most overpowered stuff and play it free.

I don't know if this can be described as a good card. It's real meme-y with the 1/campaign trigger, huge cost in actions. But the payoff can mean a free tutored Agency Backup, Rite of Seeking, Ace in the Hole, Key of Ys or whatever other card might be critically important at that moment.

Tsuruki23 · 885
I don't get the part about Leo or Quick Thinking. The Coffer comes in play with just 1 lock, surely you can't remove two of them and benefit twice from the reaction... ? — Freeman · 3
It comes into play with one per investigator locks. Will to Survive would allow you to remove a lock without drawing a chaos token, and because it's until end of turn, Leo would let you perform this action twice. — cb42 · 21
Oh yeah, used to solo play, I missed the "per player" part, now it makes sense, thanks! — Freeman · 3