Oggetto. Arma. Distanza.

Costi: 3. XP: 4.
Icone Abilità:

Utilizzo (3 scorte). Se non ci sono scorte sulle Granate Mk 1, scartale.

Spendi 1 scorta: Combatti. Ricevi +2 in questo attacco. Se questo attacco ha successo, invece dei danni standard, infliggi 2 danni a ogni nemico e a ogni altro investigatore nel tuo luogo (gli eventuali danni aggiuntivi sono inflitti al nemico attaccato).

Greg Bobrowski
Nelle Grinfie del Caos #273.
Granate Mk 1
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: For the card Storm of Spirits and Mk 1 Grenades, the text reads: "(any additional damage is dealt to the attacked enemy)". What does the "additional damage" refer to? Also, regarding the "Mk 1 Grenades", can these be used with "Marksmanship" because they have the "Ranged" keyword? A: The text “any additional damage is dealt to the attacked enemy” refers to any other effects which might add to the attack’s damage, such as Vicious Blow or, indeed, Marksmanship. For example, if you used the grenades on an enemy and committed Vicious Blow to the skill test, the attacked enemy would take the additional +1 damage from Vicious Blow, but Vicious Blow would not affect the damage dealt to all of the other enemies at the location. As for Marksmanship, yes, you can absolutely use it with the Grenades! As with the above example, the bonus +1 damage from Marksmanship would be dealt to the attacked enemy, and not to the other enemies at the location.
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As a "weapon" that does not occupy any slot, It's a good secondary to kill critters, while saving ammo on your big guns. Albeit at the risk of hurting other players, but there are ways around that.

Avoiding damage to other players


Side question, how does Hatchet Man interact with this card? Is the extra damage dealt to the attacked enemy or the target of Hatchet Man?

Django · 2753
Hatchet Man only deals the damage, if you throw the grenade at the evaded enemy (the others arent attacked) — Adny · 1
Hatchet man says "the next time the evaded enemy takes damage this turn, deal it 1 additional damage", so it doesn't care about who is attacked. My question is wether that part of Hatched man takes precedence over the grenades part in brackets "any additional damage..." or not. — Django · 2753
I misread the card... The additional damage on the grenades cares about the damage, that i added to the attack, like Vicious Blow or Marksmanship. Hatchet Man triggers on damage being dealt, so it still hits the evaded enemy — Adny · 1
I agree, I take it to read as any target-unspecified additional damage. It's italic so it's clarifying text, not a new rule. — pneuma08 · 24
Marksmanship requires a firearm — Chitinid · 13
Never mind, it works with ranged — Chitinid · 13

This is not a review so much as a response to the FAQ entry on the interaction between Mk 1 Grenades and Marksmanship. It ends with a statement that “the bonus +1 damage from Marksmanship would be dealt to the attacked enemy, and not to the other enemies at the location.” This is not necessarily true, it should be clear that the Grenades won’t deal ANY damage ‘to the other enemies at the location’ or even ‘the attacked enemy’ if you targeted an enemy at an adjacent location. Mk 1 Grenades damage ‘each enemy and each other investigator at YOUR location’ INSTEAD of its standard damage. Because it won’t deal any damage to the attacked enemy from the attack, it can’t deal additional damage for the same reason that Deduction can’t discover additional clues when used with Burglary or Unearth the Ancients.

If FFG wants the Mk 1 Grenades to work with Marksmanship, they would need to say ‘each enemy and each other investigator at the attacked enemy’s location.’ Or have Marksmanship work like Luke’s ability where you Fight as if you were there.

(If Marksmanship is used on an enemy at your location, of course the additional damage will apply if the condition is met.)

It does not make sense to differentiate between different locations. The standard damage effect is replaced in both cases, so I would say that the additional damage should not apply in both cases, if there is no (any additional damage is dealt to the attack enemy) clause. But there is. So it is what it is. — ak45 · 235
This looks as a completely unintended consequence of the wording. The FAQ implicitly answer that the interaction should work as expected (damages can be done at another location), and not as written (which would be "damage only work at your location"). Within the text of Grenades, "your location" and "the enemy location" are synonymous, hence interchangeable. While I agree that for interactions purposes, it would have been better to write "at the enemy location", I think it would have been more confusing as a wording than "at your location" — MoiMagnus · 16