Anna Kaslow
Mysterious Soothsayer

Supporto. Ally

Ally. Clairvoyant.

Costi: 3. XP: 4.
Icone Abilità:
Salute: 1. Sanità Mentale: 1.

You have 2 additional tarot slots.

When the game begins, if Anna Kaslow is in your opening hand: Put her into play.

After Anna Kaslow enters play: Search your deck for a Tarot asset and put it into play.

Tiziano Baracchi
In the Clutches of Chaos #283.
Anna Kaslow

Sefina with 7 xp. Draws 13 cards during setup and places Anna Kaslow and 3 tarot cards in play at no cost. Starts the game with + 2 Will and + 1 Agility. I can see that nice combo happening.

With other investigators, I don't think so. The neutral tarot card is not that good and you wouldn't want to use splash slots to put a 3rd tarot card.

Ezhaeu · 16
Might be worthwhile (or at least interesting) if you happened to draw The Tower weakness, since she basically can neutralize it for you. She also reimburses herself in actions with the neutral tarot. — pneuma08 · 21
This also seems a pretty good card for Lola since it's a neutral ally and Lola has access to every single tarot. She could boost 3 differrent stats. — Killbray · 1
Anna Kaslow possesses the power to grant Calvin Wright 7/7/7/7 skills via double 'Five of Pentacles'. — Cluny · 38
Flip side, Sefina draws three tarots in her thirteen cards but doesn't get Anna. Puts one tarot into play for free. Until Anna is drawn, she has two dead cards in her hand and has to pay three resources for Anna and six more for the two tarot cards. — kingofyates · 4
She might be able to play the 4th Tarot from her deck, when playing Anna. — Django · 1819

I struggle with the low soak. Other cards with 1-health-1-sanity are not central to deck builds (eg Stray Cat). However, with Anna, you're going to build an entire deck around a strategy (Tarot cards). That strategy becomes highly vulnerable to damage being caused to an Ally. One hit and your strategy is broken. I wish she had at least 2 health or sanity to provide just a little more safety.

acotgreave · 4
'Trusted' can do that, for all with access to Level 0 Guardian cards. — Cluny · 38
Wonder if the card is missing the unique asterisk? I guess all named allies should have it... — armin321 · 1
The card does have a unique asterisk. — kingofyates · 4