Set-and-Forget Lola

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zovc · 86

Lola is my favorite investigator in Arkham, so I always find myself trying to make functional decks for her.

I like the idea behind this one. Studious is extremely powerful in that you also have 7 cards to mulligan, so you can see 14(+, if you hit weaknesses) cards while looking for your initial pieces. Probably from looking at the list, you can envision what setting up looks like for this deck:

Get Leo De Luca, Boxing Gloves, Bandolier, Tooth of Eztli, and Magnifying Glass into play ASAP. After that, you'll abandon those three classes and try to spend the rest of the game taking efficient/reliable actions in Mystic or Survivor. You get their defensive events, and don't have to sweat Crisis of Identity ruining your assets when you try to hold them up.

There is definitely room to tune the deck, but, the idea is pretty clearly outlined. The combination of Resourceful and Sharp Vision or Brute Force, along with True Survivor is probably more powerful than Improvised Weapon and Winging It, but would soak some experience. (Lucky! doesn't seem very critical, so that already frees up some room.)

We're not ever expecting to hit Spirit cards off of Boxing Gloves, because we're not expecting to fight in blue. But if you wanted to flex that way (with Vicious Blow or any of Nathaniel's events), you do have some cards to hit off of its trigger: Ward of Protection, Will to Survive, and Live and Learn. Personally, I don't think it's worth putting your assets at risk when Red and Purple can dish out quite a bit of damage on their own.

You're playing Leo De Luca and Will to Survive, so it's not outrageous to imagine you just use that to basic fight an enemy to death or pick up four clues with one turn. Lola's base stats are high enough that you might even be able to do Evades or Scenario skill tests using Will to Survive without needing any extra support.


Jan 09, 2021 joshcurtis · 8

looks fun!

Jan 11, 2021 difra · 1

nice pile! whats shrewd analysis in this for? another day another dollar might be another thing id cut for saving experience but i get that you are trying to abuse the fact she can use every color best permanents

Jan 12, 2021 zovc · 86

@difra - Without Shrewd Analysis, there would only be six Seeker cards in Lola's "deck." Permanent cards are counted towards her deckbuilding restriction. (Assuming I understand correctly, anyways.)

Another Day Another Dollar isn't critical to the deck, but it makes it a lot easier to drop all of your assets in your first two turns before switching away from Guardian/Seeker/Rogue and never going back. It's probably not a priority card for experience, but then again most of the experience upgrades in this deck are luxuries besides Shrewd Analysis really helping you start the game on the right foot. The 3xp Boxing Gloves giving +2 Combat instead of +1 is a pretty big deal, too.

Jan 12, 2021 Drostt · 4

Pls drop 0xp version!

Jan 15, 2021 HanoverFist · 294

Very clever separation of colors! And brilliant use of Shrewd Analysis to nudge down the deckbuilding reqs!

I've been wanting to make a "probably okay" version of Lola for a long time, and this seems like the starting point.

What's your thoughts on Tarots? Can't play them from the opening hand obviously, but I could see +1 Int comparing favorably to Conditional +1 Will/Agi (as you'll never be activating the Tooth's effect).

Jan 16, 2021 Makaramus · 3

@Drosttput... put downgraded versions of cards? :D Its only permenants dont have them and they dont even take deck slot