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Dark Horse Lola Plays 'em All 130 110 29 1.0
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Django · 2221

This is a high XP Lola deck i've created for myself. I'll create a 0 XP version later, with upgrade advice.

Rules Clarifications

  • Her Weakness only discards cards in play, not your hand or deck. (see "ability" under "rules").
  • Lola's class restriction does not apply to effects that "put a card into play" like Flare or Sleight of Hand.
  • Flare is not exiled, if you didn't find an ally card among the 9 cards drawn.

Basic Idea

  • Super Nova: This deck can combo a single turn with 9 actions and Will to Survive on all tests:

  • Nova cards can be used indivually, they're also very strong on their own.
  • Like @narsil0420's lola deck, focuses on constant boost cards outside your main classes: Beat Cop boosts fight, while Dr. Milan Christopher and Magnifying Glass help with investigations.
  • Switch to rogue for combat and survivor for anything else.
  • Use "search for card" effects to get important assets while avoiding your weakness: Prepared for the Worst for a weapon, Flare for allies and No Stone Unturned for anything else.


Individual Cards