Costi: 1.


Veloce. Gioca solo durante il tuo turno.

Fino alla fine del round, ricevi +X e +X , dove X รจ l'ammontare di orrori che possiedi.

Priscilla Kim
Il Giuramento Impronunciabile #155.
Lotta o Fuggi


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: How much of a boost do you get if you take horror mid-turn when you've played Fight or Flight? A: "When you play Fight or Flight, it creates a lasting effect (RR page 14) which continues to affect the game state until its duration expires. That effect will continue to alter the game state based on its particular conditions and parameters and update if necessary. In this case, this means that the bonus granted to your and from Fight or Flight will continue to increase and decrease as the amount of horror on you increases and decreases, until the effect expires."
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An absolutely excellent card and powerful in a variety of classes and decks.

What have survivors, historically, lacked since the launch of the Arkham Horror lcg? Whether its Wendy with a Fire Axe or Backstab or Pete with Duke and Fire Axe or Shrivelling, Survivors can bring the pain at choice moments, but loose momentum as the threats escalate and the bosses come out. Yorrick though probably breaks this mould now that he is bringing the upgraded .45 Automatic to the table.

In other words, survivors tend to lack reach, Fire Axe is only good for one buffed attack per round, event attacks are obviously severely limited in their use and Duke is still just a 4 strength attack. This problem is classically solved through teamplay and trickery and perhaps by playing Will to Survive, but getting two copies of that power card takes time and until now there has been no 0xp equivalent placeholder effect.

So, time to talk about Fight or Flight. Damn is it good, I'm surprised its not a 1 or 2 XP card. Dont be greedy with this card, if you can play Fight or Flight for a +2 bonus on every attack in a round it's still a great bonus! If you can net +3 or +4 for two or three attacks then that's even more amazing. Use the benefit to brute-force a boss or to disentangle a pileup of spawns. Perhaps a bit less effective on Wendy than the other two simply because of her limited reliance on the stat, it's still a useful one-off for her. Zoey Samaras might even find a use for it out of faction.

Edit: A side note, Both Ashcan and Wendy can find a use for this card if the yget it when their Sanity is untouched by discarding it for their special abilities.

Tsuruki23 · 2487
Also for hilarity's sake: Agnes can use this. Hulk out after using your trait a bunch of times. Pretend you are Mark! — CecilAlucardX · 10
Meat Cleaver Agnes is definitely the highest ceiling for this, but i think it works pretty well with Meat Cleaver in general — Zinjanthropus · 225

Let's revisit some old cards with years old reviews, for the benefit of new players.

Fight or Flight was released before Calvin Wright released, before Meat Cleaver released, and before In the Thick of It released. Survivor has also received a slew of self-horrifying cards, and ways to mitigate the risks of living on the edge of defeat. Before all that, Agnes Baker was the strongest contender for including this card, which speaks to mystics's propensity to take horror and thus it is the class that would like to splash this card the most.

I suspect that the soon to be released Hank Samson will also like this card, and it will pair well with the Sparrow Mask card that was spoiled. More contemporarily, it is an emergency button for non-fighters/evaders to get out of the death spiral that being engaged with an enemy can cause, while dedicated fighters/evaders can use it on a big turn of fighting a boss enemy or evading several enemies to get to the resign location. Lends itself to the desperate suite of cards, which I include Meat Cleaver with, and a fighting Carolyn Fern will make good use of it. Finally, Finn Edwards really needs the skill boosts, has incentives to both fight and evade, has a healthy 7 sanity to work with, and know that one day, he will draw Caught Red-Handed.

Lucaxiom · 4064
It seems Carolyn Fern can't take it. — Gsayer · 1