Gamblin' Preston Fairmont

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Mugwump · 10

This is my attempt at a "Rich" Preston Fairmont deck. Playing TCU with a Dynamite Blast wielding Lola Hayes.

Piloting - hard mulligan for Well Connected, but it's not the end of the world if you don't get it.

Ideally (in some sense) you want to alternate turns where you play your relatively expensive events and the turns where you move it into your regular resource pool to boost Well Connected, Cunning and Money Talks. That being said - if you've got an extra action... move your resources.

Which is why Leo De Luca is in here rather than Dario El-Amin.

There are a bunch of good skill cards in this deck to help with your terrible stats - notably I did find myself spending several actions in the first scenario just drawing cards (so maybe I would've benefited from a Take Heart, Rabbit's Foot or Lucky Cigarette Case somewhere..). That being said - you are definitely better off playing into checks you are prepared for card/resources-wise than ones you are not.

Winging It, "Look what I found!" and Flashlight provide a good bit of cluvering, and I found Backstab and the evasion skills enough to avoid a Fire Axe... but I can see why many people include them in Preston decks.

The highest priority of upgrade is definitely Streetwise - which is just incredible (... and found me drawing far fewer cards in scenario 2). I also picked up Charon's Obol, just because looking over the list... there are many upgrades I am going to want to buy.

That being said, I'm not sure what to pivot to next - Lola Santiago seems obvious - but I think I would want Charisma first. The Skeleton Key seems very good with the actions provided by Leo De Luca and Quick Thinking. Though cards like Hot Streak could also help set this deck up in the first place.

I should mention, Paranoia was in fact randomly selected. And yes, it is terrible. But also thematic.