Spirito. Tattica.

Costi: 2.


Combatti. Ricevi +1 in questo attacco. Se hai successo, puoi combattere di nuovo contro quel nemico. Ricevi +2 e infliggi +1 danno in quell'attacco.

Nathaniel era famoso per la sua mossa distintiva: un rapido diretto sinistro seguito da un gancio destro.
Patrick McEvoy
Nathaniel Cho #17.


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“Explain it to me again.” Akachi was preparing another Shrivelling blast against an archer, trying to duck and weave while still pushing Randall's wheelchair through the underbrush.

“Because it looks like your brother is only using the knife on defense. That seems ineffective. And the bandolier...it seems complicated.”

“I thought you were all about spirits.”

The shaman sighed, as nearby the boxer defeated a warrior with a patented combination, readying for another.

MrGoldbee · 1412

There are a few interesting things going for this card.

I'll start with the obvious - First, this is a card that effectively condenses 3 damage worth of attacks into a single action. If you're fighting an enemy with low fight but 3 toughness, this is going to help you clear it out in a single action. Obviously, this works best on Nathaniel Cho, who can turn it into a solid 4 damage without any external support. However, 3 damage is still good enough to handle a wide variety of normally irritating creatures.

Second, the effect is an isolated card that gives you a +1 for the first attack, and a +2 for the second. This isn't as large of a boost as something like Spectral Razor or Act of Desperation can give, but most Guardians have respectable to begin with - the +1 is enough for most easier fights, and the +2 can help make up the difference. In general, this will be as reliable as any 0 XP weapon.

Third, this is a Spirit card. The primary benefit means that it's something that you can find via Boxing Gloves, but it also means you'll be able to grab it with Calvin Wright, should you find you want more damage more than you need pure stats.

Finally, it is a Tactic card. The biggest benefit of that means it is available via Stick to the Plan, providing most Guardians with a low-price option if their weapons are not available.

It does have a couple of notable downsides. First, the attacks are broken into two separate fights. This means that you will need two draws from the bag to make that three damage land. You will only boost one part of things with commits or any other effects that boost the next skill check, and this means an additional chance to hit or some other negative token effect. Missing the first check is just as bad as missing any other combat event, though you can still get enough damage if you miss the second. If you were playing it specifically to deal with a 3-HP target, it does mean you can at least make a follow-up attack with a weapon.

Second, it's also a 2-Cost Event. Many Guardians have fairly limited income, and many guardians may prefer to spend their resources on a repeated-use weapon, rather than a one-shot event. Its price might be higher than some like.

Is this going to fit into most Guardian decks? While it's not a bad option on the whole, I suspect it's a little niche to be a top option for most. However, if you're using Boxing Gloves, if your hand slots are otherwise precious, or if you simply have the resources to warrant a bit more to deal 3 damage now and then, it's not a bad pick.

Ruduen · 923
As far as the resource cost goes, if you were willing to play a .45 automatic, then you are willing to spend 4 resources, a card, and an action to get +4 damage over the next few fight actions. One-Two punch costs 2 resources, and a card to get +2 damage over one action. — Death by Chocolate · 1388

I note that this card does not use the word "Fast" nor use the Fast/Reaction symbols regarding the 2nd fight action. This suggests that this event generates a full 2nd Fight action. Therefore, a couple questions:

  • Would playing this count as 2 Fight actions for the purposes of activating Haste?
  • Does playing this count and fighting a 2nd time count as 2 actions towards Pay Day?

Asking for a friend.

HanoverFist · 682
Nope. The literal presence of "Fast" or one of the two non-action triggered ability symbols isn't the reason events and abilities that invoke an action designator without actually costing an action don't count as an action, it's the fact that they didn't cost an action. When you play One-Two Punch, you're doing a single Fight/Play action that just happens to repeat the steps of fighting an enemy twice (conditional on succeeding the first time and choosing to repeat it, of course). — Thatwasademo · 53
Though, a strict reading of Nested Skill Tests (FAQ 1.17) would suggest that the second fight isn't part of the same action "If the first skill test was part of an action, the second skill test does not initiate until that action has finished resolving." (note that "if you succeed" suggests that One-Two Punch tries to start the second fight during ST.7) so you kind of get the worst of both worlds here -- the second fight isn't, say, "an additional action which can only be used to Fight" and so doesn't count towards Haste or Pay Day, but it also isn't part of the same action and so doesn't count toward Ace of Rods. — Thatwasademo · 53
Excellent breakdown, thank you. — HanoverFist · 682
There is no nested skill test here, so that rule doesn't apply; the first fight test fully resolves before the second fight test begins. Both are part of the same action, and Ace of Rods applies to both tests. — Hylianpuffball · 26
What makes you say that there is no nested skill test? "If you succeed" is the wording used to add extra results to a skill test, and those results resolve during ST.7, which would make it a nested test and make those rules applicable. I think it's unlikely that the second fight was intended to be resolved *after* the action, not during it, but that is what a strict reading of the text and rules gives you. — TheNameWasTaken · 3
It's all in one action, but the second test happens after the first one resolves. Both tests are in the same single action, but they occur in sequence. This card applies only once for Haste. — StyxTBeuford · 12942
Fighting, Playing (a card), Investigating, Evading and so on are not inherently actions. They are only actions if you need to spend an action to perform them. For example if you Fight an enemy using the reaction ability of Survival Knife, you are not peforming a Fight action you are just fighting. So there is no doubt that that One-two punch only allows you to fight again, it does not grant you any extra action. The only time when an effect grants you an extra action is if the text says "take a [...] action". For example Ursula's ability. — Killbray · 10387
I have a related question for this card. Would it count as two times doing damage to Primordial Evil in the Edge of the Earth campaign ? I guess it does but would like to be sure. — Putzibram · 14

Just some food for thought:

It's a Dynamite Blast that's costs 3 less. The downside is you have to draw 2 chaos tokens, and can't attack from a location away. Plus side is that you don't take/deal 3 damage to your friends.

To be safe I'd play it in someone with 5 base fight, which is few and far between. Mark and Tony come to mind.

I guess weigh the odds and go from there.

P.s.- Tony gets a free action to engage or fight. If you're already engaged and choose to fight as your extra action, you could do between 4 damage (punch), or 5-9/10 with a weapon- Average w/weapon is 7.5 s Think 7 damage is worth 2 resources? Yes, my friend.

Ok, ok. Sorry. One last cheese.

Tony. Beretta M1918. 5 base, +4 Beretta, +1 vicious blow = 10 Total Fist. Double, or Nothing... Let's say your average monster has 3/4 Fight. Double is 6/8. I'd feel decent about a 10 vs. 8.
Chaos bag generally has 15 tokens, 5 of which make this attack fail. So...66% chance of success. Let's just say 70 for giggle. 3 in 4 chance to succeed, almost.

Final damage is 8 as your free action fight. Plus your One-Two punch = 3 damage, for a Final total of 11 damage if the stars align.

11 damage for 2 resources and 1 action. Yes please. Oh, you have 2 actions left btw.

Ps, Ps. Double or nothing One-Two punch at base 5/7 = 6 damage. So it's kinda like a shotgun?

Bang! Bang!

Edit: We all agree that Double or Nothing works with One-Two Punch as being applied to both attacks, as they are both in a single action, yes?

Someone check my math, but yeah.

Sure, this card is pretty good, but Dynamite Blast does damage to EVERY enemy at the location. — dscarpac · 735
I can't parse some of these situations well enough to check the math, but it seems likely some of it is off. You mention seven damage for 2 resources but it's not clear where the +4 damage is coming from. In another spot you mention the Beretta, which can't be combined with the fight action on One Two Punch. One thing I am sure of is that Double Or Nothing (like all skill cards) only affects the test it's committed to and not subsequent tests (even if multiple tests are triggered by the same action). — Pseudo Nymh · 41
In response to your edit: absolutely not. Double or nothing applies only to the skill test it is committed to, so you need to pick one of them. — zrayak · 82
This reads like a fever dream, and it's clear that there are some misunderstandings on perhaps multiple levels. One of which might be that attacks deal damage equal to your skill test result? — Death by Chocolate · 1388
It's a little bit confusing: Tony starts his turn and attacks an enemy with a bounty. So this fight is his free action. He's using the Beretta and gets +4 skill and +2 Damage. Further he commit a vicious blow for a further skill and damage. If the attack succeed with a skill 10 (5+4+1) he deals 4 damage (1+2+1). Then he commits double or nothing for doubling the effect of the test for a total of 8 damage. With his next action he then play one of two punch for further 3 damage. In total 11 damage in two action for much more then 2 ressources since you need to pay the weapon. — Tharzax · 1
One thing to mention, though it wasn't debated, is the second fight on this card is an "if you succeed" which means it is part of the successful test. I think it you double or nothing the first test you then perform the second test twice. Meaning this +donut does 3 fights, each doing 2 damage — NarkasisBroon · 10

Great card! Have a question on it though (wasn't sure where exactly I should ask)...

On the second fight (on both the base and upgraded cards), can you add another card with the bold FIGHT option, like "Monster Slayer"?

Snake3y3s · 1
There are active communities to ask questions like that on Board Game Geek and Discord. But to still answer your question: no. The second fight is still part of the play action, which has to finish, before you could initiate another one. What you could do is commit a "Vicious Blow" to it, even on the automatically successful first fight on the upgraded card. — Susumu · 347
I think this is an alright place to ask as other people can then find the answer! Questions asked on Discord are rarely helpful when looking for an answer fast while playing and trying not to disrupt the flow of the game too much. — Valentin1331 · 59034
I gave them an answer after fifteen hours. Can't speek for Discord, but on BGG you normally get a reply much faster than that. — Susumu · 347