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Dexter Single, Molly Mingle 1 0 0 1.0

Toastrunner · 713

I've always loved Netrunner, one of the best games ever made imo. This deck takes inspiration from my favorite corporation (Hass Bioroid) and runner faction (Shaper) and mashes them together. Note that this runs both of Dex's signature assets/weaknesses.

The Pillars:

Action Compression: HB is all about action compression and efficiency. Haste, Leo De Luca and Dexter Drake's ability are going to provide this for us. We also have passive economy from Lone Wolf and David Renfield + free draw from Scroll of Secrets, Molly Maxwell and Lucky Cigarette Case.

Tutors: Although Dexter doesn't have a Self-modifying Code, he has got the next best thing in Molly Maxwell. She is the best tutor in the game, and can fish out whatever you need in the moment. Every asset in the deck has a unique keyword to fish it out if needed. Some share one, but the big one is SPELL to get that sixth sense and start being productive (her ability only targets assets so no need to worry about the other spells). We use Calling in Favors to get her our ASAP and then refresh her when the horror gets high.

Toolbox: Shapers are known for having an answer to everything, which is where our 10 events come in. Read the Signs and Spectral Razor are A tier events which will let you contribute meaningfully while getting set up. Deny Existence and Ward of Protection will help mitigate the encounter deck and give easy targets for Arcane Research later in the campaign. Liquid Courage mitigates horror from Arcane Research and can help teammates too.

Big Rig/Big Turn: Both Hass Bioroid and Shaper are known for big turns. This deck is built to deliver it. Tired of your cluever sitting on the sidelines sucking their thumb while the boss horror beats down your crew? Not with Dexter 1.0!

Showmanship + Dexter Drake's ability + Colt Vest Pocket + Haste + Leo De Luca = 5 two damage attacks @ 7 Strength in one turn. Not too shabby! Five 8 strength investigates are also possible when all set up, with the possibility of bonus clues.

Now no one is saying this is going to be easy, but with Molly Maxwell you have a better chance of setting this up than anyone.

Piloting: Your main job will be getting clues via Sixth Sense ASAP. You want to see this and/or Molly Maxwell in your opening hand. Mulligan everything else, draw hard if you don't hit them. You can fish Molly out with Calling in Favors too.

Once you have Sixth Sense out, alternate between getting clues and setting up your rig with Molly Maxwell.

Get some draw going with Lucky Cigarette Case & Scroll of Secrets, economy with Lone Wolf and David Renfield (who you can easily trash if the doom gets too high). Try and get Leo De Luca or Haste on the board for those sweet extra actions.

Let your teammates deal with the enemies or use Sword Cane and Spectral Razor to deal with them if you got to. Keep your Colt in your back pocket, save it for that big finale!

A note about Switchblade - this card is normally total trash, but in Dexter acts as grease to get his ability going via Fast. You get refunded the cost and don't have to spend an action. The upgraded version is also worth strong consideration and will attack @7 with Showmanship out.

Level 0 version is just direct down grades, take out charisma, and put in 2 Obfuscation for Haste and Four of Cups.

Note I don't have any of the stand alone investigator decks, so didn't include any of those cards, but would love suggestions!


Nov 14, 2020 OnTheNightrain · 2

You mention HB, I hit the like button.

Nov 15, 2020 Whitemage · 3

Man this deck brings back good memories (some recent—thanks Nisei!). HB and Shaper are my favs too. Maybe my upcoming Dexter solo campaign will need to borrow from this...

Nov 15, 2020 MURdos · 166

Get this deck to the top of ArkhamDB. #Alwaysberunning

Nov 15, 2020 MrGoldbee · 1175

Needs more $ if you run 60%+ assets.

Nov 15, 2020 Brian_Bolton · 7

Where's the bioroids? Clickbait

Nov 16, 2020 Soloclue · 2245

Haas-Bioroid*, sorry to be that guy

Nov 17, 2020 shuiping · 2

FA Dexter 10/10.

Nov 21, 2020 jmbostwick · 8

Needs Versatile for Track Shoes, so you can #AlwaysBeRunning

Dec 02, 2020 Chew · 306

Haven't tested it yet, but for lvl 0 version I've replaced suggested Obfuscation with Robes of Endless Night and Faustian Bargain to boost the economy. Still not sure about Robes as there are only 7 cards in the deck total as targets for a discount.

Dec 02, 2020 Toastrunner · 713

The economy can be a little tight if you don't get an early David Renfield or Lone Wolf down. I try and pull one or the other out with Molly Maxwell on turn 1 or 2. (Use keywords Patron and Talent).

I like the Faustian Bargain splash to help here. I would agree and cut the Obfuscations at level 0. Then take out Read the Signs for Haste & Four of Cups once you have upgraded Sixth Sense.

I've also noticed that Lucky Cigarette Case is a bit underwhelming. Holy Rosary is probably the better choice, as you are not hurting for draw thanks to Scroll of Secrets. I just hate throwing it into every mystic deck.

Dec 02, 2020 Chew · 306

@Toastrunner Viability of Lucky Cigarette Case depends on the difficulty, for Hard I'd substitute for Crystal Pendulum or Holy Rosary. Both fill the same spot, but the former does not provide soak, I'd probably be choosing one or the other based on campaign.

Dec 21, 2020 Broman811 · 1

Are there anything things in particular that you might modify to make this more solo viable?

Jan 24, 2021 loonloon · 1

How can you run molly and showmanship? Molly states it is a replacement. Coyld you clarify please?

Jan 24, 2021 Toastrunner · 713

@loonloon - you can choose to include both signatures and both unique weaknesses if you want to. This is true for any of the replacement cards, see the reference card that comes with them.

Jul 18, 2021 11zxcvb11 · 3

very interesting deck! how much do you think deck consistency would suffer without molly to tutor things? (maybe adding 1 or 2 'word of command' as extra copies of 'sixth sense'?)

Oct 15, 2021 Chobabot · 1

Molly is amazing in this deck, so I would proxy it if you don’t have it.