#CPA-TDL - Survive Thru Will - Minnie

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Lola Hayes · 75

Campaign Play-Along with MythosBusters.

  • Campaign: Dunwich Legacy (Some Return encounter sets maybe)
  • Difficulty: Standard - 3 Hand Solo
  • Taboo: None
  • Card Pool: NotZ x2, RtNotZ, Starters, TDL, RtTDL
  • Team: Survive Thru Will
  • Role: Cluever, Support
  • Teammates: Agnes, Stella

Hello this is Chirubime's campaign account. I'm very scared of Dunwich and thus I have brought 3 investigators who all have access to A Test of Will and will survive through our sheer willpower.

The game plan is to shamelessly spam The Necronomicon with Scavenging. It will not be as bad because I chose not to play tutors for Tomes nor will we have access to Scavenging(2). Disc of Itzamna tech is for birdies that Agnes can't deal with. Not sure if I will get Higher Education. It would be fun to reminisce about the old days. Who knows :D I'm also not sure if I need to supplement even more economy. I may adjust with Emergency Cache, Burning the Midnight Oil, and Cryptic Writings. Also very likely that I can't fail as easily so may swap out "Look what I found!" for Working a Hunch. See you in Dunwich everyone!

Wern212's Weakness Drawing: Nihilism

Scenario 1A: Extracurricular Activity

Starting Hand:

Notes: Removed the Agents of Yog-Sothoth encounter set and put in the Vassal of the Lurker. They seemed slightly easier to deal with. Also swapped out The Beyond encounter set. Basically with both perils (Resurgent Evils and Terror From Beyond) out of the encounter deck, I could Test of Will for each other that game.

Scavenging doesn't do much. So I used Analytical Mind to pitch Scavenging to cycle a card in my hand at the Humanities building on turn 1.

Minh investigated with Deduction, Live and Learn an autofail, and then committed a Perception grabbing the 4 clues needed to advance the Act 1.

Got her first BTV with 10 cards left, she has Test of Will. Passed but drew into King in Yellow with no 6 icons currently. Proved to be quite inconvenient. Also, scavenging was able to retrieve my Magnifying Glass that were discarded by game effects.

Minh has her Fine Clothes down and testing Jazz at the Quad.

Shortcut into location of the Experiment. Then used Take Heart and Analytical Mind to draw 3 cards by attacking the Experiment with her bare hands. Drawing into 1 lucky and 1 inquiring mind. With 2 I've Got a Plan in hand, tried to fight the Experiment. Drew a -1, and Lucky'd it at 4 to 4. Other I've got a Plan has +4 skill icons from an Inquiring Mind and Minh's ability. Dealing 8 damage to the Experiment finishing it off.

Resolution 3: 9 VP, 1 Delve discarded.

Ending State:


  • Disc of Itzamna The Necronomicon 5 intellect icons for King in Yellow even if I didn't have the resources to play it. Otherwise, will really help Minh stay independent like boosting for Test of Will without while being locked door by King in Yellow. I am not sure if I have the economy to play this card to be perfectly honestly. I may need to invest in more economy engines like Cryptic Writings or Emergency Cache.
  • Shortcut Pathfinder Upgrading an event into an reusable asset.
  • Magnifying Glass Magnifying Glass Push Necronomicon out of my hand. Also will be useful for cheapens the cost cover of the deck after adding so many expensive cards.
  • Perception Perception More draws, more icons for King in Yellow, more clues.

Scenario 1B: House Always Wins

Starting Hand:

Drew The Necronomicon during upkeep of Round 2. Got a chance to set it up before the Pit Boss fight after Agenda 1 advanced.

Hunted Down would have made Pit Boss block the investigators from grabbing clues via gambling so Minh used Test of Will with no boosts. Stella committed signature for +4 with Minh ability to pass.

The plan was Agnes to Ward something during Mythos Phase to deal 1 damage to Pit Boss in Agenda 3 while Minh used 4 secrets on Necronomicon to kill testless. However, Agnes drew a conglomeration. While Agnes was wearing down her Conglomeration, she drew an autofail giving the extra damage for Pit Boss.

I tried to keep an evaded Conglomeration around to kill extra criminals around.

Early resign from Minh with 3 rounds left since she had nothing better to do than complicate turns for Agnes and Stella who stood in Darkened Halls stalling the Agenda and digging for Delve Too Deeps.

Resolution 4: 10 VP, 2 Delve, Stella and Agnes stalled out the scenario dropping their clues at Darkened Halls, 3 VP from Interlude/Resolution, 3 VP from Locations, 2 VP from Lurker and Pit Boss. Gambled to get extra elder tokens into the bag for Agnes and her Shrivelling damage. Morgan and Armitage have been kidnapped, and each investigator got 1 physical trauma.

Ending State: