Costi: 2. XP: 3.


Limite di 1 per investigatore.

Se controlli un supporto che occupa uno slot alleato, scarta Tutto da Solo.

Quando giochi 1 evento , esaurisci Tutto da Solo: Riduci di 2 il costo di quell'evento.

Alexander Kozachenko
Città degli Archivi #236.
Tutto da Solo


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: With On Your Own, can I play 1+ cost events when I have 0 resources? Can I initiate playing a card when I don't have the resources to completely pay for it? A: Yes, you can. If you take a look at the Initiation Sequence appendix on page 22 of the RR, you’ll see that the second bullet point says: “Determine the cost to play the card or initiate the ability. If it is established that the cost (taking modifiers into account) can be paid, proceed with the remaining steps of this sequence.” (emphasis mine). The initiation sequence takes all modifiers to the card’s cost into account when determining if it can be played, so you can play a 2 cost event even if you have 0 resources, so long as the cost is reduced by 2.

  • Q: On Your Own and On Your Own are the same level, yet the latter has the Exceptional keyword. Can I upgrade the former into the latter version? A: Yes, you can upgrade the version of On Your Own without exceptional into the version with exceptional by spending 3 experience. (FAQ v2.2, February 2024)

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This card is very powerful, when added to the combo of Will to Survive, True Survivor and 2x Resourceful.

What the combo does: Play Will to Survive and commit 2x Resourceful on any test to recover True Survivor and Will to Survive. Next turn play True Survivor to recover 2x Resourceful and any other skill.

You can repeat this as often as you want until you run out of ressources, which happens pretty fast at a total cost of 7 (4 + 3). Enter On Your Own: It reduces the total cost to 3!

I've only seen one deck (my own) that could pull of the old combo, but with reduced costs nearly every survivor should be able to pull it off. Maybe not Wendy because her Abandoned and Alone weakness destroys many survivor discard pile recurring.

You can use any version of Emergency Cache and Take Heart to gain more ressources. I think testless actions are very strong as you potentially avoid many bad icons that might hurt you or add doom, so even taking the "gain 1 ressource" action can be a good idea to keep the combo going.

Django · 4973
Limit 1 per investigator, so you only get to drop the cost to 5. — TheNameWasTaken · 3
Actually, the Will to Survive/Resourcefull/True Survivor combo can and mostly will be played over the course of different turns. So you do reduce the cost of the combo by 4, wich is simply amazing. If it's worth giving up your ally slot, that's another question. — Vstene · 29
Also, If you really want to execute the combo in one turn, Pete can ready On Your Own with his ability. — ak45 · 437
I meant over 2 turns. Playing true survivor on the same as will is wasting 1 testless action. — Django · 4973
And maybe some day with more sealing effects the Chaos bag will be empty or contain only the elder sign? — Django · 4973
Sorry, previous comment was for the another card "Crystalline elder sign". — Django · 4973
Ah right, I somehow misread the combo description and thought you said 2x On Your Own in there somewhere. Doing it over two turns makes way more sense. — TheNameWasTaken · 3
This card is definitely a step in the direction of making the True Survivor/Will to Survive/Resourceful dream come true. But it still feels a little janky, no? There are so many cards you need to draw! — CaiusDrewart · 3046
I‘m still waiting for buried alive from mtg: search your deck for 3 cards and put them into discard pile. — Django · 4973
I guess Daredevil (0) could be a step toward this combo working, as it can reliably discard your entire deck (minus weaknesses). Wendy can actually do this combo quite well without On Your Own or Daredevil (0), but with Wendy's Amulet (to recur Will to Survive and True Survivor), and Hot Streak (2) to pay for the combo. You need to thin your deck heavily to do it, which 2x Lucky Cigarette Case (with Relic Hunter) can do decently well. I almost made it to Depth 9 in Standalone Yoth that way once. — Zinjanthropus · 225

Definitely a decent economy card, although only once you hit a critical mass of 2+ cost events.

When talking strictly about "click economy" (or action economy), this card can easily be compared to Emergency Cache[3]. Cache[3] costs 6xp for the set, and will net you 6 resources for their slots (you could have gotten a resource with the action spent to play it, so it's only +3 resources per copy, not 4). To achieve that 6+ resource mark, you will need to save 9 credits on events over the course of the scenario. This means seeing it as early as possible (so you definitely want both copies) and making sure you have enough events to target.

Survivors have a fistful of good events, with staples like Lucky! and "Look what I found!" as a starting point. Various Survivors will also use Dumb Luck, Close Call, Perseverance, Waylay, Winging It, and Improvised Weapon. I found Will to Survive the tipping point, where once I added it to my deck I started exceeding the 6+ resource mark. By recurring these events with Resourceful, you can get a lot of value with On Your Own.

But the cost is more than that. It takes up your ally slot - more than that, actually, seeing as you can't Charisma your way around it. Allies tend to be the strongest assets in your deck, so this is a huge deal. No Peter Sylvestre. No Aquinnah or Yaotl. No Leo De Luca or Cat Burglar or Beat Cop or Dr. Milan. That's a massive opportunity cost. If you're looking for static stat boosts and raw power, I'm not sure you can achieve it with On Your Own given what you have to sacrifice.

There are ways to get around it. Trench Coat and Hemispheric Map are ways to get some static boosts. But I think the most notable one is Dark Horse. I've struggled in Dark Horse decks to afford playing these aforementioned events because you're staying broke while you smash dudes with a Fire Axe. On Your Own lets you play your Lucky!s, Oops!, "Look what I found!"s, and Flares. You can upgrade your Madame Labranche into On Your Own in a Dark Horse deck pretty easily. You then of course lose the impact of your second Fire Axe attack (without LaBranche to tap for a resource), but I think it's a place to start.

We've grown accostumed to Allies ruling our decks. Really enjoying how this card makes you second-guess that decision.

PureFlight · 757
Now that you mention Dark Horse, i think it works well with "own your own". Think about it, you can play Survivor Events with up to cost 2 without having any ressources, like lucky. — Django · 4973