Wilson Richards
The Handyman



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Salute: 8. Sanità Mentale: 6.

Reduce the resource cost of the first Tool asset you play each round by 1.

You get +1 skill value during skill tests on Tool assets.

effect: +0. You may swap a Tool asset in your play area with a Tool asset in your hand with equal or lower printed cost.

Magali Villeneuve
The Feast of Hemlock Vale Investigator Expansion #1.

Wilson Richards - Retro


Deck Size: 30.

Deckbuilding Options: Tool cards level 0-5, Guardian cards () level 0-4, Neutral cards level 0-5, up to 5 other Improvised and/or Upgrade cards level 0-1.

Deckbuilding Requirements (do not count toward deck size): Ad Hoc, Hasty Repairs, 1 random basic weakness.

Wilson takes pride in always having the right tool for the job. Leaky plumbing? Pipe wrench. Fallen tree? Hand saw. Interior remodeling? Sledgehammer. But recently his jobs in and around Arkham have taken on a certain strangeness. Creaky floorboards give way to labyrinthine tunnels. A broken roof shows signs of bursting outward instead of collapsing inward. It's Wilson's job to fix problems, and when those problems involve bizarre and horrifying creatures and unexplained phenomena, well, then it's time to get creative with what he's got.
Wilson Richards
Wilson Richards


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FoHV has been out for a month and still no reviews, so here's the description from my "One for All" series of decks that has a similar breakdown for each investigator:

Tools! What the heck is a tool, anyways? They're definitely assets. They probably have their own associated skill test, are very likely help you fight or investigate... and our boy Wilson wants to play lots of them! This means that his stats and abilities make him a relatively sturdy flex character who can pick up clues and take out enemies in equal measure. He can single-handedly churn through scenarios, and with a mitt of decent cards, he can fairly easily re-focus his efforts on whatever task the game throws at him. It's also remarkably easy to tweak your role mid-campaign with just a few simple upgrades, as Wilson's card choices can have a greater impact on his gameplan than most investigators. His signature is pretty neat too, allowing you to make duplicate item draws more useful and combo with big costly items like sledgehammer or pitchfork.

Even with some cleverly integrated stat boosts, Wilson is still a generalist, and generalists don't always have the sheer output specialists can typically achieve in Arkham - especially in larger teams. Static boosts and skill cards with lots of icons will help him overcome some of the tougher tests he'll eventually encounter. Like most of the Hemlock Vale investigators, Wilson isn't super beginner friendly to pilot either, and his deckbuilding can be rather complicated without some digital assistance.

Some archetypes that work well for this template:

The Handyman: Wilson's discount creates some bonuses that might not be immediately obvious. Playing lots of cheap tools potentially means resources spent on tool assets can be decreased by half or better. It also lends itself to playing limited use or discard-able assets that encourage you to cycle them in and out with your discount. Costly tools make great discard fodder for his signature Ad Hoc though, so those are absolutely worth including if they have powerful effects. Lastly, remember that his second ability only activates on skill tests printed on tool cards, so keep all these things in mind while filling your toolshed.

Full Flex / Solo - Keep a good balance of tool-based weapons and investigation aids, and you should be completely self-sufficient on almost any scenario. Static boosts to your combat and intellect skills will improve your odds, and targeted skill cards will really help push you through some of the more challenging tests.

The Specialist - Focusing your deck around either investigating or fighting will allow Wilson to fill voids in his team and more easily tackle the most challenging problems the chosen role can throw at him. Show Rex or Zoey that you have the right tools for either one of their jobs.

The Fixer - Fighter can't find their gun? There's a Pitchfork for that! Cluever scrambling in the shadows of a 5 shroud location? There's a Matchbox for that! Wilson has access to many more utility options than your average guardian, and loading your deck up with these can turn him into an interesting and effective support character.

EzieBaikUben · 485
Glad to see a referenced to Let Me Handle This, and undervalued card IMO. That said, I'm curious how you see it as a 'uniquely effective or staple card' in Wilson? Same with Emergency Cache and neutral skill cards, is there some Wilson tech I'm not seeing that gives him extra value with these cards? — Pseudo Nymh · 42
The emergency cache and neutral skills are just staple cards that most characters benefit from having in their decks. Let Me Handle This though I feel is a better choice for Wilson because of his generalist statline and it fits well in the support archetype I'd listed. — EzieBaikUben · 485
Strange to list a bunch of generic cards but not point out Tool Belt, which feels almost mandatory for Wilson (both mechanically and flavorwise). — anaphysik · 94
A warning to Wilson players: several cards representing real-life tools are not Tool-traited (which matters for both deckbuilding and the skill boost). E.g. Machete, Fire Axe, Meat Cleaver. I'm also surprised that Salvage wasn't made in such a way for Wilson to be able to play (e.g. by making it Improvised in preparation for Wilson in the next expasion, and simply giving Wilson 0-5 Improvised access, which would barely be different from 0-1 anyway). — anaphysik · 94
@anaphysik Unfortunately the list is restricted to cards I have in my own collection, otherwise that'd be a great include! — EzieBaikUben · 485
If anybody wants to use my list to do up something more complete, they're more than welcome! — EzieBaikUben · 485